WHAT I ATE: WEEKEND EDITION {gluten free + vegan}

I just realise that What I Ate Wednesday and What I Ate Weekend (Edition) can use the same hashtag. Is that a life hack?

I've been trying harder to eat a vegan diet, and ended up not eating any animal products last weekend. 


As I mentionned on instagram, I've been in a bit of a breakfast rut lately. My go-to oatmeal feels too heavy and hot for the sweltering weather, but everything else seems blah. I ate half a grapefruit with two buckwheat crackers, topped with PB and raspberry jam. I drank an iced matcha latte, because I am easily swayed by trends — did I mention that I started my day with some oil pulling? I am becoming a sad cliché of myself.  

My aunt and cousins came over for a late lunch. We ate a big salad (with kale, avocado, tomato, black beans, red peppers, cucumber, spring garlic, etc) and corn on the cob. It was my first local corn of the season, and damn it was good. 

Who doesn't love a good lunch dessert? My sister made banana bread with nuts and chocolate chips, and we ate it with blueberries and strawberries. It was delicious.

We ended up eating lunch so late that no one was hungry for dinner. We ate popcorn (with nutritional yeast) and watched King Jack. I don't watch movies very often (but I watch a lot of television), but I really enjoyed this one!


For breakfast, I had a smoothie bowl (kale, black cherries, banana, coffee, chia seeds and mint) topped with fresh strawberries, coconut and some homemade granola. 

I was in a rush to get to improv practice, so I threw half an avocado, hummus, my favourite pickled hot peppers (they come in a 2L jar at Costco) and some more buckwheat crackers in a bowl. I sprinkled chili powder and squeezed lemon juice over everything. It was quick and filling.


After practice, I went to a park with some friends to eat arepas from Arepera du Plateau. I got one with plantains, black beans and avocado. If you live in Montreal and haven't tried them yet, you really have to go!